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About our Coffee

Byron Aroma's estate covers all steps from plant to cup. Our beans have a unique sweet and mellow flavour without any bitter aftertaste as the result of our perfect growing conditions.

Our Single Estate Australian Arabica Coffee is available in two quality roasts – Medium Roast and Dark Roast.

As we roast our beans ourselves, we allow the beans a long roasting time at low temperatures so they can develop their characteristics.

Medium Roast
The medium roast is very smooth and enhances the spicy flavours and the caramel sweetness of the beans. The medium body and low acidity is best suited for drip filter and plunger.

Dark Roast
The dark roasted coffee shows all the complexities of the natural processed beans. This coffee has a full body finish and you can taste all the chocolate and caramel notes and the natural sweetness. A roast which suits all espresso styles.

Green Beans
We also supply our green coffee beans giving you the opportunity to create your own unique tastes and blends. When you buy green coffee beans, you can roast them yourself to create a flavor profile that is unique according to the roasting method you choose.