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Our Story

Byron Aromas Coffee Estate is now on the market for sale.We would sincerely like to thank all our supporters/customers for helping keep Australian coffee farms viable without your ongoing support we would of also(like so many of late) shut our gates,With our 100% own grown natural coffee continuing to be popular  we hope the new owners will continue to get the support we have received Australia wide ,until then we are continuing to trade as normal and Thankyou all for supporting Aussie Farmers.

Our Coffee Estates is unique in the region,Its 100% from our own plants(no mixing beans from other farms .We leave the trees to do their own thing all year round and only harvest second yearly(we dont even water )Our Estate 'Green Mountain Coffee' sits on top of the ridge in Koonorigan and has its own natural springs,We are very fortunate to be able to overlook the sacred Nimbin Rocks, Sphinx Rock and the Night Cap National Park,with amazing vistas of the valleys below. 

The Australian coffee industry has come a long way since the days of cuppa-cinos and indistinguishable instant powder. And while local roasteries are perhaps better known, one of the most impressive things about our estate is that we see the process from plant to cup. We grow, harvest, process and roast our coffee, giving us complete control over the end product.

We have put a lot of thought and work into how to get the best flavour into the cup. We roast the beans over an extended time at low temperatures to really develop their characteristics. 

Our Arabica coffee trees grow in rich, red volcanic soil, at around 250 meters above sea level. Due to this elevation, the cooler temperatures in our region, and longer ripening period, our coffee beans have a unique sweet and mellow flavour without any bitter aftertaste.

Our Single Estate Australian Arabica Coffee is available in two quality roasts – Medium and Dark.

Medium Roast – The medium roast is very smooth and enhances the spicy flavours and the caramel sweetness of the beans. The medium body and low acidity is best suited for drip filter and plunger.

Dark Roast – The dark roasted coffee shows all the complexities of the natural processed beans. This coffee has a full body finish and you can taste all the chocolate and caramel notes and the natural sweetness. A roast which suits all espresso styles.

Green Beans – We also supply our green coffee beans giving you the opportunity to create your own unique tastes and blends. When you buy green coffee beans, you can roast them yourself to create a flavor profile that is unique according to the roasting method you choose.


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