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Our farm is just one kilometre from the village 'Coffee Camp'. In the late 1800's the region supplied the 'colonies' with coffee and the name of this village is a reminder of that time. Coffee growing stopped in 1920's because of high labour costs. Only after machine harvesting was introduced in the 1990's new plantations were established.

The average temperature is 21-28C in summer and 15-21C in winter. This temperate climate allows a stunning biodiversity: tropical fruits, macadamias, wine, olives, sugar cane, rice, stone fruits, citrus and of course coffee to name a few. It is due to this climate with abundant and reliable rainfalls that we have a ripening period of eleven months for the coffee cherries. 
Our farm 'Green Mountain Coffee' is located in the Northern Rivers region, in the hinterland of Byron Bay. This area was the birthplace of ecological conscience and protest in the sixties. No wonder it is now home to six of Australia's precious World Heritage listed areas. When you travel the scenic tourist drive No. 32 you will see a part of the coffee plantation in Koonorigan on top of the ridge. And if you are lucky you can observe eagles cruising as well as wallabies grazing in the coffee rows.
The lush rainforests covering the hills of the Border Ranges and the Nightcap National Park are also home to an abundant wildlife with a large variety of  birds. Our farm in this green cauldron on the Pacific ocean is just one hour drive from the Gold Coast and about two hours from Brisbane. Our nearest town Nimbin in the heart of the Rainbow Region is a centre for alternative and ecological conscious lifestyles, natural therapies as well as a hub for innovative and creative people.