freshly harvested red and black cherries
freshly harvested red cherries
freshly harvested naturals
'ByronAromas' Single Estate Australian Organic Coffee is available in two quality roasts:
Medium Roast and Dark Roast.  As we roast our beans ourselves, we allow the beans a
long roasting time at low temperatures so they can develop their characteristics:
• The medium roast is very smooth and enhances the spicy flavours and the caramel
sweetness of the beans. The medium body and low acidity is best suited for drip filter and
plunger (Shop).

• The dark roasted coffee shows all the complexities of the natural processed beans. This
coffee has a full body finish and you can taste all the chocolate and caramel notes and the
natural sweetness. A roast which suits all espresso styles (Shop).

In cupping one discovers some similarities to Kenyan coffee. But due to the cooler
temperatures in our region and therefore the longer ripening period, our coffee is sweeter
and has no bitter aftertaste. Arabica coffee is regarded as the coffee bean with the fullest
flavour. Analysis shows that the local K7 has less caffeine than found in other Arabica
coffees around the world. But the amount of caffeine in your coffee is also influenced by the
way you consume it: the finer the grind and the faster the extraction, the lesser the caffeine.

We control all the steps from seed to cup. Every paddock has at least two harvest passes to
harvest only the mature cherries. The harvester is fine-tuned to leave the still green cherries
on the trees. The harvested cherries then pass a washer-separator, where the 'reds' are
separated from the 'blacks' which are called 'naturals'. We use three different processing
methods to get the best results:

• Semi-washed processed: the 'reds' go through a pulper to take off their red skin and the  
demucilager which removes a part of the sticky, jelly-like substance, just enough, that they
don't stick together during drying, but enhances the sugar content in the bean during

• Honey processed: the dark 'reds' harvested later in the season go also through the
pulper and the demucilager, but as the mucilage has already nearly dried out,  not much of
the sticky jelly needs to be removed.

• Natural processed: the 'blacks' which were separated from the reds or dark-reds in the
washer-separator are dried with all their skins.

Depending on the time of harvesting the fresh beans are dried in one of our three different
dryers at temperatures between 23 and 33, depending on humidity and moisture content
of the beans. Sometimes it takes more than a week to dry them down to 11%-12% moisture.
This slow drying ensures an even drying and prevents the beans from becoming too dry
which sometimes happens when they are dried in the sun.

The dried beans are then stored in our temperature controlled cool rooms. During storage
quality control is assured by constant moisture measurements and by doing sample roasts
of every batch.
The beans are hulled on demand only with our state of the art huller which removes the
parchment of the pulped cherries or the parchment and outer skin of the 'naturals' gently,
without damaging or overheating the beans. They are then cleaned and graded.