flowering tree + bee
coffee tree with python
flowering and red cherries
coffee paddocks
coffee paddocks + neighbouring farm
harvester + wallaby
sheds, processing plant and watertanks
Welcome to 'ByronAromas' and to  Bundjalung Country in the subtropical hinterland of Byron Bay, one of Australia's most beautiful destinations, with its pristine Pacific Ocean beaches, rolling green hills, World Heritage listed National Parks and the extinct Mt. Warning volcano. Our farm 'Green Mountain Coffee' sits on top of the ridge in Koonorigan 250 meters above sea level and is one of the biggest coffee farms in the region with 22,000 trees in production.
In this lush environment, where the rainforest meets the coast, our Arabica coffee trees grow in red volcanic soil and this gives the 'ByronAromas' coffee beans their unique flavour and aroma.
Due to the subtropical cool climate of the Northern Rivers our coffee cherries have the longest ripening period in the world, which gives them not only the time to increase their sugar content and to develop their lovely sweetness, but is also the reason why our coffee is free of diseases
and pests. 'ByronAromas' coffee has therefore much less caffeine than other coffees because  the coffee tree develops caffeine primarily as a resistance against pests and diseases which are common in warmer regions . The unique sweet and mellow flavour without any bitter aftertaste is the result of these perfect growing conditions.

Our 'ByronAromas' single estate Australian coffee is organically grown, GM free and not fumigated (contrary to imported coffees).
To read more about our 'ByronAromas' beans and our roasts please click here.